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Luxury Candle Care Kit


Here at Harrogate Organics Company, we are proud to say, we spend a lot of time and effort to ensure our candles are the very best they can be. We are passionate about being kind to the planet, using zero synthetics, paraffins or paraffin derivatives, and we only use 100% natural wax, all the while ensuring we provide the very best scent throw in combination. 

Therefore, it makes sense, since we care for our candles so much in the making of them, that we provide the tools for you to care for them when enjoying them. 

Our Luxury Candle Care Kit, has been assembled to help you get the very best from your candle while extending the life of the candle also. 

- Beautifully weighted for a quality touch and feel

- Luxury Matt black finish for a quality and fine look

- Candle snuffer for extinguishing your candle, a candle pick for removing debris from hot wax, a perfectly angled wick cutter to help you remove tired wicks, and prolong your burn times.

Tip - Did you know that trimming your wick between each burn to around 5mm and removing any debris can extend your candles life by up to 10-15%?

To learn more about getting more out of your candles, why not pop in and see us in-store? We love to chat!


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