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Our Re:lax Range - Aromatherapy. Lift (Travel) Candle


Energise your mind and body naturally with a little help from the most energetic scent in our range. Lift combines notes of zesty lime, crackling black pepper and fragrant vetiver to arouse your senses in a truly inspiring way. That means when it’s time to get the natural boost of energy and spark of inspiration you’ve been searching for, all you need to do is sit back, light the wick and leave the rest to us.

  • A fresh, lively and uplifting scent designed to energise body and mind naturally.
  • Made with love and care just from us.
  • A beautifully made aromatherapy candle blended with nothing but essential and natural oils, just for you.
  • Free from paraffin, synthetics and all toxic ingredients for a truly sustainable aromatherapy experience.
  • Made from a superior wax blend for the perfect burn.
  • Made in Harrogate 
  • 100g - Single wick 12 hours burn time approx

Why buy candles from us;

  • Handcrafted/hand-poured
  • Cruelty-free
  • Essential oil blends that deliver aromatherapy benefits
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Reusable, recyclable glassware
  • No synthetic fragrances 
  • Expertly blended all-natural components
  • Made using the purest essential oils to give you true wellbeing benefits
  • Ethically sourced bespoke packaging.
  • Packaging that is fully recycled or FSC certified materials from FSC approved suppliers helping to reduce the impact on the environment

Lift has been scientifically blended to harness the benefits of its natural fragrances. Some key benefits of these scents include:

  • Lime is naturally vibrant in scent but is also in its application, an anti-viral and antibacterial. 
  • Black pepper, as well as being a vibrant, clean and sparkling scent, it is often used as an adjunct (supplemental) therapy scent for helping to curb cravings. 
  • With Lift, we add a touch of Vetiver, which has a wide array of uses, however, most commonly Vetiver is often used to relieve stress, anxiety and emotional turmoil. 
  • Hints of Mandarin are used for its happy and uplifting aroma as well as a favourite for calming children due to its scent range. 

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