Harrogate Organics Sleep Deep Pack

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A little know fact is that one of the best protection and safeguards you can take against illness and a sure-fire way of actually boosting your immune systems is sleep. At Harrogate Organics we are all about natural healing and protection, which is why we have put together a little package to do just that. 

Included in this amazing bundle are:

  • Pillow Mist - Our aromatherapeutic comforting pillow mist will help calm, soothe and relax for a night of deep restful sleep. Fresh citrus with tranquil soothing floral notes of lavender and mandarin make the perfect blend to calm and relax before bedtime. Size 100ml
  • Sleep Reed Diffuser - To ensure you can drift away effortlessly, we created a natural sleep diffuser that soothes your senses from the moment it arrives. A soothing scent that allows you to escape the here and now - naturally. Made with love from Calming Vanilla Musk, Lemon, Soothing Lavender and a natural hint of Tree Moss. Size 100ml.
    • Sleep candle - takes you away to a restful place with a little help from a symphony of natural scents that soothe your senses from the moment you light the wick. Made from a superior wax blend for the perfect burn. Hand-poured with love from Calming Vanilla Musk, Soothing Lavender and a natural hint of Tree Moss, enjoy a sustainably made and ethically friendly aromatherapy candle that creates a mood to help you to sleep right through the night in peace and tranquillity. Free from paraffin, synthetics and all toxic ingredients for a sustainable aromatherapy candle that’s just the way nature intended. Size 220g Approx - Single wick with approx 40 hours burn time.

    why us?

    • We support local and small business where we can as we believe in people, not corps.
    • Wherever possible we use 100% natural.
    • We are ethical in our approach to business. No non-recyclable plastics for us, we don't laminate our bags, in fact, everything we do is thought through to leave as smaller impact as possible on this beautiful Earth of ours. 
    • Our products are manufactured in the UK 
    • We are proud to be cruelty-free. 
    • Helping you live your best life, Harrogate Organics Company are committed to providing you with the very best products we can to work in harmony with one another, giving you the optimum boost to your wellbeing. 

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