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Harrogate Organics Sleep Deep Pack

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A little know fact is that one of the best protection and safeguards you can take against illness and a sure-fire way of actually boosting your immune systems is sleep. At Harrogate Organics we are all about natural healing and protection, which is why we have put together a little package to do just that. 

Included in this amazing bundle are:

  • Our aromatherapeutic comforting pillow mist will help calm, soothe and relax for a night of deep restful sleep. Fresh citrus with tranquil soothing floral notes of lavender and mandarin make the perfect blend to calm and relax before bedtime. Size 100ml
  • Our Sleep Diffuser - To ensure you can drift away effortlessly we created a natural sleep diffuser that soothes your senses from the moment it arrives. A soothing scent that allows you to escape the here and now - naturally. Made with love from Calming Vanilla Musk, Lemon, Soothing Lavender and a natural hint of Tree Moss. Size 100ml.
    • Our sleep candle takes you away to a restful place with a little help from a symphony of natural scents that soothe your senses from the moment you light the wick. Made from a superior wax blend for the perfect burn. Hand-poured with love from Calming Vanilla Musk, Soothing Lavender and a natural hint of Tree Moss Enjoy a sustainably made and ethically friendly aromatherapy candle that creates a mood to help you to sleep right through the night in peace and tranquillity. Free from paraffin, synthetics and all toxic ingredients for a sustainable aromatherapy candle that’s just the way nature intended. Size 220g Approx - Singe wick with approx 40 hours burn time.

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