Peace Essential Oil Blend

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Feeling at peace deep within yourself makes life special. It’s that feeling of being in control of the moment and connected with the world. From the moment our Peace essential oil blend begins to float through the air, you get a feeling of a deep calm washing over you. It’s one that will stay with you all day long.

  • A calming scent that allows anyone to find more inner peace
  • Purposely made with calm in mind, from Lemon, Mandarin, Succulent Pair, Aromatic White Tea and a calming hint of pure Jasmine
  • The vegan-friendly essential oil blend that allows you to discover your true peace
  • Essential oil Blend with botanical Extracts and natural fragrance 
  • Free from paraffin and toxic ingredients for a sustainable essential oil blend you can trust
  • 10ml - giving you over 180 drops of peaceful goodness
  • Made in Harrogate 
  • Suitable for use in our Harrogate Organics Aroma Diffuser Pods

Why buy from us?

  • We support local and small business where we can as we believe in people, not corps.
  • Wherever possible we use 100% natural.
  • We are ethical in our approach to business. No non-recyclable plastics for us, we don't laminate our bags, in fact, everything we do is thought through to leave as smaller impact as possible on this beautiful Earth of ours. 
  • Our products are manufactured in the UK 
  • We are proud to be cruelty-free. 
  • Helping you live your best life, Harrogate Organics Company are committed to providing you with the very best products we can to work in harmony with one another, giving you the optimum boost to your wellbeing.

How to use?

Peace has been scientifically blended to harness the benefits of its natural fragrances. Some key benefits of these scents include:

  • Made using white tea extract, which soft benefits help with calming, soothing and bringing quiet into your life
  • Jasmine oil is commonly known to be extremely effective for a number of health conditions like heart rate, controlling blood pressure, temperature, stress response, enhanced alertness, and breathing.
  • Another key fragrance is Pear, which brings a sweeter calming scent to the blend. Pear has been known to help with easing anxiety, reducing stress and increasing serotonin levels in your body

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